Magic Bullet Print Head Cleaner and Unblocker cleaning Kit



Magic Bullet is specifically designed to quickly clean blocked printer heads and get them fully functional again. Developed by professional chemists and tried and tested by printer technicians, Magic Bullet is incredibly effective and fast acting. If you are experiencing banding, colour casts or poor print quality, then your printer heads are blocked!! Magic Bullet quickly breaks down the dried ink and clears the blockage. (Easy to use and comes complete with instructions). This product does not contain alcohol or other chemicals that can damage your printer. The special formulation breaks dried ink down quickly and flushes the printer heads – restoring your printer back to life. Used by printer technicians, this is a professional product that restores Epson desktop printers where blocked heads are causing a printing issue. This kit is designed for Epson printers that have the ink cartridge located directly on the print head (the ink cartridge should move with the print head on your printer).


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